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online lessons

Don't let location, distance or time effect being able to work with Trey and improve your golf.

Why online?

Online lessons with Trey provide a clear concise and structured outlook to your coaching remotely.

Trey will analyse your golf swing online and provide a detailed side by side analysis along with a personalised video demonstrating exactly how to go about making any changes along with drills to do all via the Skillest app.

Why Trey?

Trey has developed excellent communication skills within golf coaching through video instruction behind the camera.

A lot of thought goes into explaining elements of the golf swing in a simple effective way where YOU the client is able to digest information to better understand the keys to your golf improvements.

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Single Online


From £40


Unlimited Monthly Online Plan

From £95

How it works?​


Record your swing or chosen area of the game from 'Down the line' and 'Face on'


Send it to Trey via the Skillest app along with brief description of ball flight and tendencies.


Trey will then review this and provide a screencast review using the Skillest analytic tools and player comparison along with a personalised video explaining the stages of working through any changes.


You will receive your analysis within 24hrs of submitting.

The rest is on you! Put the practice in and keep Trey updated via Skillest App!

Sounds easy right? 

James H

Trey has the excellent ability to identify technical flaws and can communicate solutions in a simple, clear way. The drills he gave me have been massive for my game!

Online Client (London, UK)

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