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IN-Person lessons


Why Trey?

Trey has been delivering golf lessons since 2018 and been involved in the sport for over 10 years. With this experience and desire to continue learning and developing Trey has been able to understand many aspects of what creates a great golfer aided by a successful amateur golf playing background.

Trey has been recognised in the 'Golf Monthly' Magazine Top 50 Golf Coaches in the Country for 2022. With his ability to process detailed information and communicate that in a simplistic way, a golf lesson with Trey will engage the student with the task of understanding any changes to be made.


3 Hammers Academy

National award winning golf complex. Voted best golf facility in the UK 2017/2018 by the general public. This amazing facility is host the 2 Indoor Performance Studio Bays, 2 Outdoor Performance Studio Bays, Grass Tee, Indoor Putting Green, 18 Hole Par 3 Golf Course. Also home to Top Tracer Golf.


Pitch London

Nestled down quiet Meard Street, our flagship Soho clubhouse is both a golfing sanctuary from the outside world and in the heart of the action. Spread over 8,000 sqft with nine versatile bays and a chic bar, it’s a flexible space built around golf but offering so much more.


Shrewsbury Golf Club

Shrewsbury Golf Club has developed from a lovely, parkland course into one of the best-conditioned courses in the Midlands. The practice facility includes a full grass range with indoor performance teaching bay, bunkered short-game facility, large putting green with a fully stocked pro shop and a clubhouse where you can take a break and have some food and drink. A great all round facility to improve your golf game


what's included?

All students get measured using the latest FlightScope Golf launch monitor technology along with the use of high-speed video analysis at multiple camera angles. We are able to identify strengths and weaknesses by reviewing player stats analysis. Players are then put to the test through skills testing where we are then able to prescribe a specific practice plan to achieve results in a contextual manor.

To enhance the experience students are able to access a personal account with Trey using the Skillest or CoachNow+ app where we will be able to store lesson recaps, data, high-speed videos to monitor progress and enhance communication between player and Trey.

coaching philosophy
My philosophy comes down to very simple and effective coaching. I believe whilst taking a lesson with me you should walk out a better golfer than when you came in. Does the player understand how the clubbed interacts with the ball to make it fly how it does. Do you understand how your technical intentions can affect the above, and is it functional enough to repeat under pressure. If together, we can understand that; you can hit some great golf shots, play some great golf and have a lot of fun.


Individual lessons at TNPGA will allow you to completely understand the concept and physics of what makes the golf ball do what it does. Identify your intentions and align that to technique.

New players can be assessed in a one-to-one basis. Whether it's your first golfing experience or you're an elite level player.  We will talk about what you need to do and how you need to do it to with the look to working in a longer-term basis to confidently take your game to the next level.


Coaching packages allow you to purchase a series of hours with Trey that can be split between different areas of the game from the driving range, short game area and the golf course etc.


This starts with an initial assessment so we are able to structure how we will be able to work towards any goals that are set. Sessions will then be booked based off this with the included benefit of online support in between sessions.

All longer-term packages can be purchased as an existing client or through enquiry.

**Limited availability**


Monthly subscriptions allow you to work with Trey on a monthly basis. This Is the A grade of coaching at TNPGA.

This will start with an initial assessment lesson which will structure your coaching plan from month to month.

Each plan enables you to break down the cost of longer-term coaching. Where we can work within multiple areas of the game and have access to all coaching venues.

All longer-term packages can be purchased as an existing client or through enquiry.

**Limited availability**


A great way for me to see how you perform in a realistic environment.


Trey sees so many golfers come unstuck when it comes to the golf course and trying to make a score.


With on-course lessons we are able to look into how you can shave multiple shots off your score in a less invasive non-technical way.


Areas include:

Golf course strategy/management, what club to use and why, what shot to choose and why, reading lies, reading greens.

Lesson Types


Shane S

I started training with Trey during lockdown and have been really impressed with the improvements in my game from getting off the tee to chipping around the green.  I have shaved 8 shots off my handicap and I am playing with a lot more confidence.  I still have the odd round where it goes wrong, but a quick reminder session with Trey gets me back on track.  I am confident that working with Trey will get me to single figures by this summer.

In-person Client

James H

Trey has the excellent ability to identify technical flaws and can communicate solutions in a simple, clear way. The drills he gave me have been massive for my game!

Online Client (London, UK)

Elaine A

"Trey is a terrific golf teacher. He keeps it simple, doesn’t over complicate, finds the problem and cures it. I’ve now won a number of trophies and golf competitions for the first time and my confidence, ability and desire to practice and improve has soared. It’s always going to be a tough game but Trey, with his calm, professional manner, makes it simpler using video technology which shows the golfer what they are doing wrong. My handicap is down from mid 20s to 19 and I’m going to monthly lessons to continue to improve.” 

In-person Client

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